The Vagina – A Gateway to Enlightenment

The Vagina – A Gateway to Enlightenmentunnamed

Female sexuality has many stories to it. Every woman is a story.

Many women come to me with different problems concerning their sexuality. Some women are totally shut down sexually, as a result of violent life experiences or insufficient sexual education. Other women are very sexual women, who don’t know how to manage their lust within their normative life and marriage.

Statistics say that 30% of women experience low sexual libido.

30% of women not always reach orgasm.

We live in a reality where, in some parts of the world (the Western World and similar places), women who enjoy their sexuality are considered normal. But not far back, in the West as well, there was no reference at all as an indication to any female pleasure. Generations of women grew with the idea that sexuality was intended only for reproduction. (The Western science physiology literature did not care to mention the clitoris of a woman as a crucial organ. In a lioness and a female monkey yes, but not in a woman. Why? Go figure! You won’t. You would not understand. Men, who edited those physiology books did not find it necessary to specify your pleasure organ. Confused….So are we…).

The fact that we talk about our pleasure at all, is something new in our culture. And yet – many women give up pleasure, by choice or out of the reality of their lives.

A large part of the issue relies in our relationship with our vagina, “the no relation” or “the aversion to the issue" or "the platonic relation" … or "the immature relation." So …regarding the vagina, I wanted to let you know abit about it and tell you – and to you too, man, about this new – ancient information about the vagina . And this is really the tip of the iceberg, warm and cosy… things that are nice to know, and you should also do something about it… The vagina.

It is important …it's important that together we understand this mysterious and unique organ. Manifold is the mystery surrounding the vagina. Also manifold is the new – ancient knowledge revealed about her.

In recent years there have been many scientific studies around the world giving us explanations about things the Eastern wisdom had told us eons ago. In Eastern cultures, the Yoni, the vagina, was considered the gate that crosses between this world and the garden of Eden, the world of consciousness that is boundless and with no separation. The Gateway to Enlightenment. The world is discovering that the vagina is not only a sexual organ, but an inspiring, developed consciousness organ. A woman whose vagina is liberated and serves her mind, her body, and her emotions, knows what we're talking about.

What are we talking about in actuality?

Every woman, every single woman … can develop her vagina to a doorway of deep meditation, deep healing, and freedom of consciousness. Encounter with the truth.


Every woman, every single woman … can turn the wisdom of her vagina and affect all her personal programing, her brain wiring, and her health and hormonal flow. A healthy and relaxed vagina allows the activation of the areas of the brain responsible for:

Self-confidence Creativity Optimism Initiative Inner freedom Self-determination Vibrant life energy Goal Seeking Trust


Yes, there is tremendous potential for the exercise of all our mental capacities. And yes, we can see how the suppression of female sexuality, for generations, was also the suppression of the feminine thought and personality. And so… there is probably a lot more to see, examine and modify. Studies show how "stress" adversely affects a woman's sexual arousal level. A woman can be with you, really be with you in bed … even experience orgasm, but her body doesn’t reach any level of sexual arousal.

Studies show how every woman is wired completely different… every woman is a different mystery, built with a unique electric system, which changes from time to time. Even within the same month. Yes.

The vagina is the most targeted organ on earth. Throughout all of history. Every fighter in every army, has found the enemy’s vagina as the target of severe brutality. It was a normative… even today… we can find the same gateway to enlightenment – humiliated, depressed and more words that give me a stomach ache. So enough!.

The vagina has been studied by men, using the male point of view and is still treated with reference to male sexuality. Its structure, its design, its connection to the brain, the way it turns on and off, its orgasm…

It is time to truly discover her ways, her femininity that are so different from male sexuality. From a good place… huh. Yes. Because we are different and we need to understand ourselves better.

I invite us all to connect to the mystery and to the discovery, a very personal – feminine – coupled discovery of the wisdom of the vagina. Any man can be a powerful messenger in his ability to support women in changing their attitudes towards their organ and everyone's attitude and relationship to their sexuality. This is a joint effort.

Every woman can begin to discover the beauty and power behind the enormous complexity that most have in our relationship with our vagina. We all have the simple and wonderful ability to change of attitude towards all vaginas in the world. And I think we will be all happy to live in a world of happy vaginas!!

Oh … and you will see. How many times has the word vagina been written here?… how many times have you read the forbidden word? …and nothing bad happened. Maybe just a little pleasantry down there. Beautiful! Vagina. It’s not a dirty word.

Some of the information was gathered from the revolutionary book by Naomi Wolf – Vagina – a new biography not yet translated into Hebrew. I thank my teachers (male and female) that brought me this far … especially Iris Yotvat who has told me about the book (and other things as well!). And to Chaya Avishag, she has told me about mine!

With a great love to humanity and sexuality, Michal Maayan Don


אל דף הבית של נשים במעגלי החיים – מיכל דון