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Since I started guiding groups at the youth  movement, at the age of 15, I didn't stop instructing and leading groups. Apparently the human circle is within me, always were and always will be… Even during my Business Administration studies.

For many years now I'm walking on the path of self discovery and inner observation, through diverse holistic approaches. I instruct groups,  meant for both children and adults going through  emotional & spiritual  processes which come to enable fulfilling  their amazing potential of happiness & success. From that experience of leading deep awareness processes the need grew in me to help explore & heal the feminine qualities buried inside of me and every other woman.

My place in this world and in this life is colorful and constantly alters; as a school instructor with pupils, teachers and principals who brings the circle experience to their door step; this human embracing space, the awareness and self growth.

An instructor for children & parents with difficulties while I accompany them in their journey of acceptance, healing and success. Teaches and trains instructors (This is what I like the most!), accompanies instructors, writes instructing programs (Maybe  that one I love the best?).

And all that doing, that the most secure thing about it is the fact that it also constantly alters, combines the huge love I feel for the human race, to mother earth, and to the call I accepted – to allow in our life an intimate close communication.

Women circles started ten years ago, when I volunteered to arrange a pre-marriage party for a friend, and searched for something meaningful, with connection to womanhood and spirituality. I didn't find all that, so I invented!



Since that time I continue coordinating pre-marriage women circles and that is always a big excitement to see all these  friends, sisters, sometimes even mothers, connect and become a a small intimate tribe which fills the future bride with energies of love. Along with my progress as an instructor, a woman and a living soul in this unique cycle, the circles grew and developed. I'm excited during every birthday: 40, 50, 60 …. In every "Birth Circle", excited when a new "Wisdom of circles" course opens, and also when it ends… Enjoys to the fully when I lead the "Feminine experience" workshops in nature, and last but far from being least! I'm excited and enjoy inventing and creating new concepts, reveal my own self each and every time like it was the first!

I thank and cherish for the great privilege to become a woman-human constantly fulfilling her own given potential, for the privilege to be a teacher and leader for other people & women, for the ability to bring healing and inner peace to myself and my surrounding and for the tiny part I am, in all the healing and transformation we all go through in that era.

There are many layers to this precious gift; I see myself and all women & femininity, as part of that human transformation process, to a new balance between masculinity and femininity.

That change occurs in all levels – with the tightened connection between east & west, in altering thinking attitudes, in intimate relationships, parenthood, spirituality… This change will affect politics, international relations and from that point maybe we can find the way to bring peace inside and surround us.  The feminine essence has a lot to lead in this way – towards the new era.

So this is the doing, this is the vision when we are all embraced in huge love & belief!

A little bit about me:1052842_10151641368459731_1511342868_o

I studied business administration from all things….

Always trying remains busy in realization… Also in collaborations with wonderful people & organizations:

– A coordinator of "Women" field in the Holistic Medicine & Genecology School "Rainbow". Teaches training therapy courses in  Babies Massage, Birth Doula, Doula post partum,  Leading mother's groups, Guidance & treatment for learning disabilities, Therapists empowering …

– I developed programs to leading change in educational systems at the 'Well Being International' Institute. I instructed and coordinated guiding teams in our education system for many years. My biggest love is guidance in the teachers' room… Yes… What can I do…

– I instructed with great love groups in Cherie Arison's "Essence of life". It was wonderful!

– Through the wonderful bond with Hilly Rosenblum I took part of creating "Heart Circles" – A special approach for individual and Children's groups who suffers from ADD, Adhd and emotional difficulties. For years I developed, instructed, trained and accompanied new leaders in a deep & powerful way!

– Having written all that – My biggest 'bang' started in learning and creating aside to Alon Shafrir 's "Goodbye Violence" and "The way of the circle". Thank you!


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My independent work:

– Instructor of Awareness groups and women circles for events, friends, ongoing processes etc.

– Individuals' accompanier – during holistic processes and in Theta Healing.

– Teaches the "Wisdom of circles" – a training course for women's leadership, in the future also for men.

– A woman, a mother, a friend, a student and a child!

With great love for humanity and to earth,

Michal Don


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